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AZUR – the story of the brand

Through passion, faith and courage everything can be possible. AZUR is an example that proves that life helps those who have faith, courage and dignity” – Dr. John J Farber, President of ICC Industries Inc., New York.

Few Timisoara people know that the destiny of the AZUR factory is linked to the life story of Eugen Farber, a man from a respected family of Timisoara, the father of John J Farber, who is today the owner and president of the American group of companies, ICC Industries Inc., AZUR being part of.
The Farber family lived in a building on Opera Square, near Loyd, and was one of the most famous families in Timisoara in the early twentieth century. Eugen Farber, then President of the Timisoara Manufacturers Association, was one of the outstanding personalities of the city, distinguished by his special merits and direct involvement in the economic and social activity of Timisoara.

All begun in 1844, the year the company was established as candles and soap manufacture, under the name United Factories for Oil and Soap S.A.

Later, on August 1, 1923, Eugen Farber set up a trading company, having as main object of activity the trade in paints.

In 1925, as the import conditions became very heavy, one decided to transform the trading company into the industrial society, the Unified Factory of Lacquers and Paints, which was operating in the same location as the United Oil and Soap Units, the building on Penes Curcanul Street no. 4.

Until May 1940, the plant's activity has steadily increased, but a devastating fire destroyed the lacquers plant and partly the oil plant. This incident determined the acquisition of new, performing equipment at that time, and the factory activity resumed only three weeks after the fire. But ... the war was knocking on the door. Another attempt to pass ...

In the pre-war period, the United Factory of Lacquers and Paints produced paints for arms, managing to increase the number of employees to 115 in 1944.

If in 1923, when the factory was established, only 15 employees worked here, beyond all the attempts and difficulties of the time, it became one of the most well-known at national level, having customers such as the Astra Factories Braşov and Arad, Resita Domains Plants, The Hunedoara Factory Directorate, the Romanian Exploration Factory Fagaras, the Solvay Bucharest Plants and Concordia Ploiesti.


The year 1948 brought with him another world - an unfair world whose laws showed its ugly faces. Based on Law no. 119 of June 1948, the enterprise was subjected to nationalization.
The moment of nationalization and ceding of factories was done at the price of freedom and exile. Eugen Farber, already in prison, under pressure from the authorities, has signed that he agreed with the cession of the factory.

The United Factory of Lacquers and Paints retained its name, and the United Oil and Soap Units will be called "Light." They will operate separately until November 1, 1948, when they were merged under the name of "Gheorghe Doja Chemical Companies".

Since 1963, the new factory has been named the Azur Lacquers and Paints Factory Timisoara.

Between 1951 and 1956, the Romanian state planned the production of varnishes and paints throughout the country. Thus, Azur was to introduce new products: new types of laundry soap, anti-corrosion and antifouling paints for marine vessels (1953), flame retardant paints (1953), nitrocellulose lacquers for furniture (1953), product  that became later on one of the flagship products of the company, synthetic resins for air drying and stove drying enamels (1959).

John Farber, son of Eugen Farber, arrived in New York where he earned his doctorate in chemistry at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

In 1952, John Farber developed a chemical department within the firm. The company adopted the name ICC Industries Inc. and became one of the largest chemical conglomerates in the USA. Having offices in three continents and holding numerous chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics factories, ICC Industries Inc. redeemed AZUR factory - once owned by the Farber family and then nationalized by the Communists.

 After countless delays, obstacles and legal blocks, in 2000 the factory returned to the Farber family. John J Farber claimed property rights and negotiated with the Romanian state the acquisition of the majority stake in SC AZUR SA, at a difficult time for the company.

New investments brought a major contribution to capital, technology, machinery and know-how. The next 15 years will bring major changes to the business, technology and leadership model that will lead to the undisputed success of the company.

With a history of 170 years and an impressive life story, AZUR is one of the oldest and best known companies in Timisoara. Based on the Farber family's life principles: education, perseverance and dedication, AZUR rebuilds its established values: employees receive their wages on time, regardless of the situation, and the consumer consistently receives quality products to meet their needs.

Today, the company Azur is recognized on the market as a provider of high standard solutions, for the long term consolidation of partnerships, worthy of a major European city. 

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